The Desolation of Peace

This is the calling that reverberates
Throughout his being. As clear as the
trumpet calling the troops to battle.
Yet with the same resistance.
Let me stay comfortable a little longer;
Let me play some more.

The voices are calling again. Only
whose are they? Shadow and light
dancing in and around his being.
Sirens' sweet songs wafting over
his desire, like a blanket being pulled over
a sleepy child.

Yin and Yang, Hard and Soft,
Good and Evil, Temptation and Duty,
On and on, step after step, we navigate
this binary universe, on each side brick walls of
this alleyway we slowly creep along.

To be at peace and in my place, is my
ongoing prayer. Yet the wise warn us not
to get too comfortable, for contained
in  the moment of
ultimate joy, is its sorrow.

© Julian M. Gordon, 2016