Having all my life been a participant in two aspects, in two versions of everything, my life, as experienced by me into my latter years, has also been, what one might refer to as "binary", or another, perhaps more appropriate term, would be polarised - as in bi-polar. Being born Jewish in an essentially Christian culure, growing up white in an essentially black society, living with a firm and unbounded belief in G!d, or a superior intelligence that is the source of every manifest thing, the Creator, amongst a family who were firmly athiest. Living for a long time in Israel and the U.S., essentially in self-imposed exile, to return to a place very different from the one I grew up in - a stranger in a familiar land. Always split and yearning for somewhere else, so it has been in my life and my work, though, for many years, that other, esoteric side was hidden or kept seperate.

So, on the one hand I was working and have become an expert computer and IT person, with many years of varied and deep experience in many aspects of the computer, both front-end and back-end, software and hardware, operating systems and networking, security and communications, and many others.

While on the other hand, there was an explorer of other realms, and the other of our lived experience, that never ceased, never tired, and was always awed and amazed by this incredible world in which we live. This exploration brought me deeply into the realms of mysticism and entheogenic explorations.

While still young, the Kabbalah caught my attention, and that has continued throughout my life to be an abiding passion and area of exploration. It always provided me a center, something to mark and judge many other similar cosmologies. Through its ancient, could hold its center, and from that place I was able to explore and experience other ways of encountering the Divine, many of which enhanced my understanding and practice.

Life Experiences

Work Experience:

Looking at this list, which contains almost 40 years of life and work experience, it seems rather minimilistic to reduce it to a couple of lines of almost technical jargon. Each place, each time, each project has its own story, sometimes heroic, sometimes mundane, sometimes unexpected. But each one was lived.

IMO: Principal IT Consultant

October, 2014
University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

The International Mathematics Olympiad took place on the university campus. 1200 students from all over the world participated. The requirements were stringent, and even included a VPN link for secure transmission of the actual test.

  • Designed implementation of IT needs.
  • Sourced and oversaw implementation of hardware and networking.
  • Manged smooth access to IT services during event.

Principal IT Officer

Aug '10 – Jun '15
University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Oversaw the efficient running of the departments IT infrastructure.
  • Installing and maintaining the software and hardware requirements of this infrastructure.
  • Providing needed services.
  • Produced IT budget's for the department, and for the Faculty.


May '07 – Aug '10
Cape Town, South Africa
  • Relocated to South Africa.

  • Designed a web presence for esoteric and cultural creatives.
  • Customized a bulk-mail application using Perl.
  • Crafted an ad media type of interaction using PHP.
  • Put together a kiosk, with a thermal printer and credit card reader on Fedora 11, using Perl & C.

Senior System Engineer

Feb '01 – Apr '07
Harvard Business School, Cambridge, U.S.
  • Senior engineer on the team that was in charge of the security of the various systems in the DMZ. My principal responsibility was the E-mail service.
  • Architect and project manager, as well as the lead implementer in a number of projects.
  • Architected and implemented initial implementation of Directory Services, designing interfaces to allow for product migration from NIS.
  • Designed and managed new Enterprise Mail System.
  • Upgraded Calendaring. Fixed mail problems. Implemented ASMTP on number of systems.
  • Drove and led the project to install EMC storage – Clariion & CX600’s.
  • Worked on security initiative, installing Netscreen firewalls and virus scanners on mail gateways.
  • Installed and configured SAN monitoring software.
  • Installed and configured Netware firewall.


June '00 – Jan '01
Adforce, San Francisco, CA
  • Customized a centralized logging program called Foglight.
  • Wrote custom scripts in both C and Perl to access the data from customized application servers.
  • Tweaked user interface to present views required.
  • Packetized the scripts in Perl to make it easy to duplicate for other data centers.
  • Extracted information from Web Servers, Global Dispatcher, and Local Director and massaged the data to be acceptable to the Foglight product.


Aug '99 – Apr '00
Done, San Francisco, CA
  • Advised, designed, troubleshot, and set-up modifications to a data center. Dealt with vendors to design infrastructure and co-ordinate installation of equipment. Installed E4500 and sundry other equipment.
  • Architected the security infrastructure, defining the DMZ using Checkpoint and Pix firewalls.


Dec '98 – Mar '00
Obongo, San Francisco, CA
  • Designed and coded a centralized logger to accept information from multiple servers and applications. We implemented a client server model, using TCP to ensure reliability in order for the logs to be complete, with no missing entries.
  • Architected and led a team that wrote a customized mail delivery program that connected with an Oracle database to do lookups and translations of the incoming email addresses. The system maintained persistent connections to the database, while accepting numerous short-term connections from the mail delivery agent


Oct '96 – Jul '99
Cadence Design Systems, San Francisco, CA
  • Mail and security manager for 4000+ person company.
  • Oversaw DNS administration, upgrading and troubleshooting.
  • Customized NIS administration for company.
  • Managed administered, customized and troubleshot services pertaining to critical servers.
  • Led NIS to LDAP project.
  • Worked with vendor to install virus checking add-on to Checkpoint firewall.
  • Was responsible for all issues pertaining to these applications.
  • Responsible for gateway security applications, like the email gateway.
  • Advised and guided junior administrators.
  • Advised and directed upgrading of this mail gateway, including the updating and enhancement of the sendmail configuration.
  • Implemented logging, archiving and statistics systems on external mail gateway.
  • Architected a secure encrypted file system, with controlled user access systems.
  • Designed and installed hi-availability system.
  • Led the team that dealt with third level trouble ticket issues.


Mar '96 – Sep '96
Nerds Unlimited, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Designed and installed a web farm, with a small team.
  • Set up Linux and Solaris x86 servers.
  • Installed and configured virtual interfaces, and web sites.
  • Wrote cgi scripts and utilities in various languages to manage and customize these sites and their users.
  • Troubleshot the network, and connections for the web farm.


Dec '94 – Mar '96
ToLife Net, San Francisco, CA
  • Advised and coordinated start of a distributed management project for AMD.
  • Installed a large web site at BARRA.
  • Aided in the administration and maintenance of 103+ users.
  • Troubleshot network problems, overseeing OS upgrades and hardware expansions.
  • Streamlined configuration of network services and servers.
  • Installed and configured mailing lists, DNS, Sendmail, PPP, and NCSA servers.

System Developer and Administrator

Dec '92 – Nov '94
EPRI, San Francisco, CA
  • Worked with design team to install custom server utilities on RS/6000 running AIX as part of client/server environment being developed.
  • Developed custom utilities in C, Perl and Korn Shell to enable updates of data to and from an IBM mainframe.
  • Supported and integrated MAC and PC clients.
  • Kerberised and customized WAIS and NNTP servers written in C.

System Manager

Nov '91 – Dec '92
WELL, San Francisco, CA
  • Was responsible for the development and smooth operation of the facility.
  • Supported MAC network connected to Sequent.
  • Involved in major upgrades, both h/ware and s/ware.
  • Installed Internet connection (56kb line), DNS, Sendmail, and NNTP on SPARC II.
  • Enhanced ftp and telnet daemons.
  • Customized utilities to deal with customer base, written in a variety of languages, including C, ksh and Perl.


May '90 – Apr '91:
PHiTECH Inc., San Francisco, CA
  • Designed and coded a software package in C to interface with high-quality voice and data communication equipment.
  • Designed a new computer room.
  • Administered and maintained the facility.

Programmer & SysAdmin

Dec '88 – May '90
UniSoft Corp., San Francisco, CA
  • Ported and tested Sys V.4 utilities on a Motorola 68k platform, tracing bugs to kernel level.
  • Oversaw the network for the in-house workstations.

National Semiconductor

Jan '87 – Jan '88
Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Translated a suite of programs and libraries used for designing chip, from the more propriety and klunkier language Z to C.

System Programmer

Oct '84 – Nov '87
Tel Aviv University , Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Manager of computer science lab.
  • Installed various large applications and OS upgrades.
  • Customized the system catering to needs of the professors.
  • Wrote special purpose software.
  • Became familiar with kernel.
  • Designed and coded a database linking a digital scale to a PC.


Feb '82 – Oct '84
Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Worked part-time while studying customizing and upgrading custom financial suite written in COBOL.
  • Worked with group supporting and implementing the new Computer Science Facility at TAU.
  • Helped students and professors with their problems regarding the system.

Esoteric Experience

Shamanic Training

U.S. and South Africa

Merkava Descent

U.S. and South Africa
  • Studied for many years with R' Levy Darby in Sausalito, CA.
  • Trained under Martha Joy Aft in Boston, MA.
  • Practised and explored some of R' Avraham Abulafia's methods.
  • Practising the method and protocol as expressed by R' Moshe Chavetz, who was the originator of this particular method of journey, called the Merkava Descent. It uses the ineffable name of G!d, the tetragrammaton, to initiate an experience of another realm, which many believe to be the Angelic realm.
  • Continued this journey and exploration in South Africa with R' Arthur Seltzer
  • Also studied for a while with R' Mervis in South Africa.


Temple Israel, Wynberg
  • Facilitated a small group on an in-depth explortation of the Kabbalah and some of its esoteric aspects. Used the "Seven Petalled Rose" by R' Adin Steinsaltz as a guide.


Temple Israel, Wynberg
  • Introduced the basic principles and some of the more mystical outlooks of Kabbalah to a beginner group. Series of 16 lectures.


Shamanic Gathering

Feb, 2016
Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa

A week-long workshop with particants and facilitators from the U.S., Europe and Israel. Breathwork, water blessings, sacred fire-circles, morning blessings, shamanic journeying and experiencing and exploring the elements around us, and more were offered.

It was offered on our beautiful premises, Neshama, which is in Hogsback, a small town in the rural Eastern Cape, a province of South Africa.

Speaker at Limmud Conference of Jewish Learning

Limmud Conference for Jewish Learning, Stellenbosch, South Africa

The Limmud Conference is the premier Jewish conference in South Africa. It is a place where different sects and practices of Judaism meet under one roof and discuss many and varied topics on the subject of Judaism, Judaic thought and practice, poetry and sacred texts.

  • Where Angels Fear to Tread   –   3.5hrs.
    Discussion on various aspects of angels taken from Old Testament sources, as well as some forays into the place and influence of this angelic realm.
  • Quantum Kabbalah   –   1hr.
    This lecture and power-point presentation draws many parallels between what is being descirbed in many of the texts pertaining to Kabbalah and what is being described mathematically in the realms of Quantum explortion.

Weekend Shamanic Festivals

Blue Hippo, Greyton, South Africa
  • There were two festivals, and people came from all over the world to attend. There were about 80 attendees at both. There were various events facilitated by a number of local and overseas facilitators. They were organised in collaboration with Lyn Spirit Eagle.


Cape Town, South Africa
  • ABC of Kabbalah – 4hrs.
  • Four 1 hour lectures on the history, context, and some basic concepts as an introduction to the Kabbalah.
  • Mathematics for Esoterics – 4hrs.
  • Four 1 hour lectures on the "esoterics" of mathematics. I might be sticking my neck out here, but just as the Pythagorians spoke of the energy of numbers, and many have delved in the arena of sacred geometry, so I believe that there is a poetry to mathematics, and that some archetypical interpretations are possible.
  • Quantum Kabbalah – 4hrs.
  • An exploration into the incredible similarities between the descriptions of the Angelic realm of Kabbalah, and the realm of Quantum Mechanics.
  • "Where Angels Fear to Tread" – 1.5hrs.
  • A little foray into some of the interesting aspects of the Angelic realm, touching on some of the references in the Old Testament and other sacred texts and commentaries.

Men's work:

Mankind Project (MKP)

Cape Town, South Africa
  • Completed the initiation weekend 2007.
  • Subsequently became involved in the running and maintanance of the organisation.
  • Staffed on a number of initiation weekends.
  • Held the position of elder.
  • Was active in the cleansing and purification ceremonies.
  • Implemented an alternative to the fire cleansing ritual in preparation for the weekend.
  • Organised a number of social events for the initiates and their families. Sat on the executive council.
  • Helped facilitate MKP groups in which the protocols of the weekend were shared and implemented in a more intimate fashion.
  • Was active in the Elder groups in MKP in both the U.S. and South Africa.

Head, Heart & Soul

Cape Town, South Africa

Head, Heart & Soul is a spin-off of MKP, geared towards trying to help "at risk" youth. It is a two-day guided exploration into what it means to be a man, questioning, and challenging, the participants to envisage what sort of man they would like to be, and exploring what is holding them back from achieving this.

  • Was one of the principal facilitators.
  • Held the space of the elder.

Men's Groups

Cape Town, South Africa
  • Was the principal facilitator of a number of men's groups over this period.
  • Held space for a number of men to explore and experience some of their deeper emotions and desires
  • Introduced them to some protocol and methods of relating and listening to one another that helped tremendously in their personal relationships.

Relationship Experience:

Human Awareness Institute (HAI)

North-east United States

HAI does work around body image, sexualisation, gender fears, expression of sexuality and sexual desires, communication—especially in intimate situations, and other elements of a similar nature.

  • Participated in a number of HAI weekends. Progressed up to Level 4 (of 7).
  • Participated in a number of HAI events.
  • Became quite involved in the widespread HAI community for a period of time.

Tantric training

North-east United States

Became involved in the widespread HAI community for a period of time.

  • Participated in a number of teaching events put on by David Deida, a well-known tantric teacher.
  • Participated in an event put on by one of David Deida's top trainess.
  • Went to a number of trainings by Julienne D?
  • Did a six-week course with Shakti Malan, one of the foremost South African tantric teachers.
  • Participated in a more active or less active role in a number of similar events over the period I was living in the U.S. in places like Harbin Hot Springs, Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, et. al.

Dance training:

North-east United States

  • Became deeply involved in Contact Improvisation Dance (CI).
  • Went to many dance classes, weekends and camps over that period.
  • Became involved in the local dance community
  • Attended the Massachussetts Dance Camp (2001–2006)

Even Deeper and Holotropic Breathwork

North-east United States

With a group of people who met as a large group a number of times a year for a long-weekend or longer. During this time, the group met and discussed and explored deep inner-spaces together, all centered around a day of Holotropic Breathwork. The idea was that if the group was kept consistent by mediating those who were invited to join, the intimacy of the group could be held in a more sacred and more trusting fashion.

Most of the people involved were also part of the local dance community, and thus there was interaction and meetings beyond just this group dynamic.

  • Became deeply involved in Contact Improvisation Dance (CI).
  • Went to many dance classes, weekends and camps over that period.
  • Became involved in the local dance community
  • Attended the Massachussetts Dance Camp (2001–2006)

Present Projects

These are the projects I am presently involved in, or are in the design phase in this new period of my life .

Neshama Retreat & Healing Center:

A world class place where people and healers and spiritual seekers from all over the world will gather and practise and teach. Where people who are experiencing spiritual crises, or wish to explore deep spiritual spaces can come and learn and practise.

A place where one can leave the stress and hassle of the urban lifestyle behind, and just sink into and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the environment. Breath in the clean air, and soak in the surrounding fertile greenery.


Working with a number of local residents to harness the abundant water supplies here to provide sustainable energy produced locally for the local residents.


A website designed to highlight the local talent and lovely products produced in our neighbourhood.


An online store, the "front end" to a collective that provides organic grain and seeds and nuts to the local population.

Skills & Proficiency

Operating Systems:

*NIX (BSD, SunOS, Linux)

Windows (MS-DOS to Win 8)

MacOS 10


Perl & PHP



Ksh, Awk & Bash

Assembler & Machine Code



Wide range of knowledge

Ability to track source of problem

Ability to drill down to details

Ability to communicate an idea

General IT Skills:

TCP/IP & Networking

In depth Knowledge of Operating Systems

Object orientated principles

Esoteric Skills:

Journey Work

Deep Spiritual Counseling



Go (Wu Chi)

Relationship Work:

Let's first introduce this